Arizona I.

This past December my roommate and I flew to Arizona, the desert and quite possibly our futures. You can read more about the trip on The Hive (our travel blog), but for those of you more interested in imagery, below you will find the 35mm I shot while on this whirlwind adventure. Enjoy! Part I. Part…

On Desire.

We wrote our dreams down on little pieces of paper, folded them up and set them ablaze. That smoke is still the air I breathe settled deep within my burning lungs.  

I Have My Mother’s Eyes.

Mom said that every boy complimented her eyes, (little golden pools that twinkle in the sun) Boys only notice my eyes when I’m sad. “What an interesting color”, they say. Chartreuse irises complimented by ruby rims. every boy but my dad. – I have my mother’s eyes.

My Own Reality.

Because Santa Clause answered my pleas and gave me a disposable camera for Christmas when I was four, I have been gifted with the amazing opportunity to curate my life. This is the ultimate power of the photographer, the ability to choose what we want others to see. In this crazily fast-paced social media driven world, it…

The Earth Itself.

She smells of the earth, not the pretty earth: lavender, roses, lilacs and peonies, but of the earth itself: flesh caked in dirt, salt and the rain.  

Man Manipulated Beauty.

A group of Columbus photographers, all connected in some way to CCAD, were invited to create imagery to be hung in the gallery at Franklin Park Conservatory. Honored to have been asked, I set out to make work that would happily live within this family friendly, botanical context. We meet next Sunday to discuss installation….

This Woman.

“You could be married”. She said this as if I was not aware as if I did not know that in some parallel universe I was walking around, stomach swollen, with a wailing toddler on my hip. Of course, I knew – this woman – I longed to save, but it was her or I. I…

New Years Day.

  And so it began, like so many before, knees on linoleum, worshiping toilets.  

Pictureless Places.

For the things I cannot say there are pictures; for the things I cannot picture there are words. These are the seven most beautiful things that I have ever seen. Originally I wanted to write about only five, but none were dull enough to cross off of my list. Some have images, others do not. Many…

I Want to Run.

I never wanted to run away as a kid, I guess this is how you know that you had a wonderful childhood, wonderful parents, wonderful family, wonderful friends in a wonderful little town quietly tucked away from the rest of the not so wonderful world. I was fed, I was clothed (not without a fight…

Here is Summer.

Today in Columbus, Ohio, we reached a high of sixteen degrees. I say this because although many of my readers are local a lot of you are not (thanks world wide web). For those of you fortunate enough to be somewhere warmer I cannot lie I am a bit envious, but for those of you…

Smoke Filled Daydreams.

I bought those cigarettes with absolutely no intention of smoking them, because you were cool and I had always thought that they were too (cowboys and movie stars and you when you’re drunk). I craved nicotine. It got a hold of me without so much as one hit, one inhale, exhale, smoke filled daydreams.