My Fathers Land.

This is the final product for my documentary project in Photo II.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I didn’t post any process work for this series so I will talk a little bit about my concept now.

I wanted to document my home town through the eyes of my father.  He was raised there and moved back there after he and my mother had me.  I asked him what the most influential places from his childhood were and shot directly from the list he gave to me.  The images on the left were found in my grandmothers old family albums.  The images on the right I took at the locations of the originals, they are 400 black and white film that I developed in the darkroom.  This is my first time with that process.  The diptychs are captioned with excepts from an interview with my father.  They are placed in chronological order – a sort of timeline of his past.

My Fathers Land.

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