My Fathers Land: thoughts on critique.

I felt that the critique for this project, My Fathers Land, went extremely well.  Some points that were brought up that I hadn’t thought about were 1) the distance from ones past created by the distance from the camera to the buildings 2) the thought of never really being able to go home.  This project was powerful and had a huge impact on me because it was so personal.  I was worried that it wouldn’t affect others in the same way because they had no connections with the imagery.  I was wrong.  One person said “I connect with these.  They aren’t pictures of my parents but they put me in mind of them.  I’ve seen images like these in my mom’s family albums.”  At least for college age young adults our parents are from the same generation.  In that way these photographers represent not just my family but a much larger population.

I left critique yesterday feeling wonderful about all the work I had done.  After a long telephone conversation with my mom I decided to repeat the process with her and then again with myself.  This won’t be for class but instead for personal reasons.  Because of this it will be put on the back burner and won’t be completed as quickly, but I feel like I have to do this.  I  need to complete what I started so that I can make these comparisons and record the way things were and are.

"I was baptized in this church."
“I was baptized in this church.”

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