A Strange Dinner: Week 1. update

Notes on thrifting 10/12.  Head of set design.

Today was a day of car problems, thrifting and inspirations.

Since we are supposed to post road blocks as well as triumphs, here they are – literally.  While on our way to Flower Child, we ran over a curb and got a seriously flat tire.  Thank goodness my mother made me get AAA.  Luckily we had the head of documentation with us to capture the whole ordeal.  I will post the pictures from that incident as soon as I can get my hands on them.

On a much more productive note, after getting our tire changed and shopping around Flower Child (a thrift store in the Short North) we all have a much better idea of the aesthetic direction we want the film to take.  We left empty handed but took lots of reference photos of different items we were drawn to.  We also talked to the shops management and they said that we could “rent” any items we may need for shooting, the conditions being that we pay half the items cost and can only have them out for a weeks time.  We all thought that this was pretty generous but decided to keep looking for better bargains before committing ourselves completely.  Samantha and I plan to use Tuesdays class time to do this.  The main item on our list being a table cloth.  This piece will set the stage for our film.  It must be bold and whimsical yet muted enough to allow all of the table settings to pop (this is quite the challenge I know).  I will be posting more from that trip later this week.

Below are some reference images I shot during this afternoons trip to Flower Child.

Also, I have officially heard back from her mother and we have cast our little girl.

Meet Juliah.



Note to self:

Map out each characters wardrobe needs.

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