Tablecloth Swatches and Inspiration for A Strange Dinner

Anything similar in color or patterns to these would be perfect. Hopefully we can find one on our outing tomorrow. Updates soon.

Since the tablecloth is probably the most dominant prop in the film and essential to the composition, we’re being very particular about it. The colors and pattern need to be perfect. Since we haven’t had much luck finding the right one in thrift stores, Taylor suggested that we look at Joann Fabrics (Thanks Taylor!) So we jumped online and found that they had prints and patterns that would be ideal–the only factor would be price. The fabrics there can be pretty expensive, so if we don’t find what we need within the next week, we might just have to resort to Joann, especially if they have the perfect fabric–which they do! Here are some swatches of the kinds of fabric we’re looking for: Red, mustard, emerald, and neutral browns and yellows. The red and emeralds are more accents to match the main character’s dress, and the Mom will be wearing…

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