A Strange Dinner: Filming Day 2.

Sunday October 27 was our second day of filming.  We ironed through most of our problems Saturday, so everything ran super smoothly on set day two.  I got up at five, bunny and what seemed like a million other props in tow, to be at the school by six (which I learned later was unnecessary because we didn’t actually end up leaving until around six forty-five).  It was dark the entire drive down to Circleville but the sun began to rise and reveal a thick layer of fog and the most beautiful sky I have ever seen just as we were pulling into the old brick farmhouse.  The house set up high on a hill and overlooked the sunrise and all of their land.  It was such a wonderful break to be out of the city and back in the middle of nowhere, I literally could have stayed there all day.  It smelled and sounded so much like home.  The spot we were shooting was nestled under a huge tree in-between a pond and a field.

As far as filming is concerned, everything ran much better than expected.  I’d like to credit that to some fresh country air and the warmer than expected sunny day.  We finished by four (wayyy ahead of schedule) and spent the next half an hour sitting up on the hill playing with a cat and dog, enjoying the sunshine and the view before we reluctantly made the drive back to Columbus.

Here is the sky as we pulled into our location; absolutely break taking.

Below are some behind the scene images of our absolutely fabulous day of filming.

And to end on a happy, heartwarming note, here’s a few pictures of our director (Laura) snuggling my bunny.

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