A Strange Dinner: Week 5.


The frustration of two different people with two different ideas instructing what you are to do.

Oh well, all of these things were discussed this morning and I am taking it with a grain of salt.  At this point I just want to move forward and get these posters done.  Right now I am working with Gabby, Stuart and Sam on promotion.

Below are the rough designs Gabby came up with for the minimalistic posters.  She is working on tweaking them today.


As far as our private screening/artist talk this is our plan..

We will be screening in Canzani Auditorium next Friday, November 15th at 7pm.  Following the screening of the short film and the behind the scenes documentary there will be a reception/cocktail hour.  We will be bringing back the dishes from the table setting to serve chips, pretzels and various types of pop.  During this time our entire team will be hanging around to answer any questions and do some mingling with the public.  This event is open to all.

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