My Dearest Kaitlyn: Process Work.

I have been posting a ton about A Strange Dinner, but I’ve neglected to share my other, more personal, works.

I am currently working on creating my first artist book titled My Dearest Kaitlyn.  This book was inspired by a letter my mother had written me when I was a week old that she kept hidden until my sixteenth birthday.  It explores our relationship and acts as a sort of timeline bridging the gap between our pasts and our present.  I’ve spent countless hours working on the layouts of the pages and preparing them for printing.  I was able to print all of the images today, and I plan on printing the text tomorrow.  This means all day Friday will be spent actually binding the thing.

Below is a screenshot of some of the work I was doing last night.  I’ve come quite a long ways from there.  I’ll make sure to post the finished product.

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