The Creative Habit.

This project is perfect!!  I have a ton of Vogue magazines because my mom had bought me a three year subscription for my eighteenth birthday.  I used to be really into fashion photography so at the time it was the perfect gift, but since then my interests have changed.  I hated that all of these issues sat there unread but I kept them anyways because I figured I’d have some use for them in the future.  A few weeks back I decided I wanted to begin exploring collage using images found only in these Vogues.  Since then I have only had the time to make one piece because of my busy schedule.  I loved the process and am yearning to make more but didn’t think that would be possible with finals beginning.  I am so excited that that no longer has to be the case.

I am proposing to sit down at least four days each week to make a collage (one per setting).  Each piece is 4.5 x 6.5 so I can easily complete one in an hour.  This will be the process that will become my habit, umbrellaed under the common theme: In Vogue.  I am so super excited to explore this new medium and be given the chance to practice an art I wouldn’t have time for otherwise.

Below are a few pictures of my collaging workspace.

And finally, the one collage I’ve managed to make.

as Smart Object-1

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