The Creative Habit: Collage 8.

I left critique this morning feeling really awesome about the work I have produced thus far and the work I’ve yet to make.  After hearing people talk about my pieces, I am beginning to see more serious undertones buried within these collages; things such as body image, societal pressures, ridiculous advertisements, unrealistic comparisons (my usual topics) and the list goes on and on..  It’s funny to me how these issues that I normally touch on (but had no intention to for this project) have presented themselves in this series.  To me it validates that these are the things I am passionate about and able to communicate (with much less effort than I had originally thought).

This exercise began as stress relief for me; the actions of cutting and pasting I have found to be quite soothing.  It is quickly turning into an addiction of sorts, and I LOVE IT.

I wasn’t expecting to find so much humor in these.  They are lighter than my normal work and I am literally laughing out loud as I piece them together.  It’s a nice break from the seriousness I am used to.  I’ve also found that it is a wonderful outlet for my perfectionism.  It allows me to cut things to my standards without the stress of the “ideal” outcome.  I am finding these especially helpful as finals are piling up.  If I find myself overwhelmed with a different project I can step back and take a collaging break (much more healthy than watching an episode of Project Runway).

After class I decided to get more organized with my materials.  I took a few minutes to separate all of the pages I’ve removed from my Vogues into five categories: people/parts, animals, objects, backgrounds, words.  I think that this will make it much easier to find what I’m looking for when inspiration strikes.

All of that aside, after organizing, I made my favorite collage to date.  I think it’s because I was sooo jazzed from an awesome critique.  Anyways, here it is.

as Smart Object-1

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