My Dearest Kaitlyn.

My Dearest Kaitlyn.
Inspired by a letter my mother had written to me when I was a week old and kept hidden until my sixteenth birthday.


I learned a lot throughout the course of this project, both technical and about myself.  This was the first book I have ever made and I greatly underestimated the amount of time and love that it takes to make a finished piece.  I have roughly thirty hours in this little guy.  I feel as if I have finally found my niche, because even though the process took so long, I enjoyed every second of it.  I loved working with my hands, I loved finding and taking images and text and compiling them to make a real tangible object that you can have an experience with.  I am in love with the idea of photography that goes beyond just hanging on a wall.  Plus I’ve always been fond of books.  I think the idea of the intimate one on one experience you have while holding and reading a book lends itself extremely well to the very personal work I am drawn to doing.

This subject manner is very near to my heart.  As soon as I was giving the assignment to make a book I new that I was going to use this letter.  I have a strange connection to it, because it was written at a time in my life that I don’t remember, a time when I’d yet to develop any personality or interests, yet it was giving to me at a time when I was fully aware of who I was.  Since I was unaware of its existence it immediately filled a time gap of sixteen years and to me back to being an infant.  I didn’t know it existed, and then I did, instantly bridging sixteen years.  For me that is so weird to think about.  I try to but myself in my moms shoes as she was writing that letter.  Sixteen years must have seemed like a lifetime away, that was already three years ago.  For me this book was my attempt of putting all of these thoughts together and in a way freeze time.  The pages act as a timeline of my mothers life, thirty one years where I don’t exist and then all of a sudden there I am.  It fascinates me to look at the pages before me, it’s hard to wrap my mind around not existing.  I am drawn to this intersection of our paths, the way that this book holds us together as we travel side by side through our two separate lives.

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