The Creative Habit: Collages 11&12.

I finished a couple of collages today.  I messed around with a few more, cutting and rearranging things, but didn’t end up gluing those parts together.

The more I am making these, the more I am realizing how important the text is to me.  The process is evolving and more often than not I pick to text before the images or see an image and know right away way text will be accompanying it.  I think the right text with the right image is what makes a collage successful.  It has the power to make or break the piece.  I also find it hilarious to see what words can mean when they are taken out of their original context.

On a side note to all of this, I am noticing feminine issues are become prevalent in my collages.  I had no intent to do this, even while making a piece.  It’s once a piece is finished and I step back and look at it with new eyes that I notices the presence of these themes.

Here are the two from today.

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