The Creative Habit: Collage 24.

Things are getting crazy around here.  It feels as if finals month has been crammed into two short weeks and I am slowly losing my sanity.  I managed to find the time between school and work to sit down and make one collage.  Maybe if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll make another when I get back tonight.  Right now my entire life is following a color coded system in hopes that some sort of schedule will insure all of my projects/paper are done on time.  I’ll be working nonstop for the next week and a half, but I’ve set aside time to keep on collaging.  On top of everything else, I’m contemplating turning these collages into a book (more like a zine) for the final.  I would only pick my favorite pieces for print.  I know that this will add a lot to my workload, but I feel as if this series can’t be presented in any other way.  The scraps all came from a magazine; I think it’s fitting that that’s where they end.  If I do make this zine (I’m about 90% sure I will as of now) it will be a simple staple binding, so that won’t add a lot of complications to my life.  The real amount of time will be put into crafting the layout and preparing my images for print.  I’m going to worry about making all four of my books for my photo final first; if I still have some time after that, I will be turning “In Vogue” into a book as well.

Todays collage..

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