Little Women: Update 1.

I’ve been posting a ton of collages for my Design4Media class but have been neglecting sharing my other projects.  Now is when that changes.  For my Photo II final I am making a series of four books titled “Little Women”.  The series is an exploration of body language and confidence during the adolescent years.  I tell the girls where to stand, they then pose themselves however they wish; the only rule is that they cannot smile.  It is interesting to see how they interact with the camera; giving them the control to position their own bodies allows us to see their personalities, confidences and insecurities.

All of the images were taken in their bedrooms, their own personal spaces.  I also conducted an interview which each girl which will be included as the text in the books.  Their individual responses to each question gave me insight to that weird time of life and how different personalities deal with their surrounding world.  They are at an age where they want to be adults but still much have children like instincts and interests.  This pull between those two worlds fascinates me.

I am currently working on the construction on the books, but I will share with you a few of my favorite images from each girls session.

PS) How awesome is it that each of these girls have a different color room?!  I didn’t plan for that, but it was a happy and welcome surprise.

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