The Creative Habit: Collages 25&26.

Today was a workday in my Design4Media class.  I made these two collages but wasn’t fond of working in that environment.  I was uncomfortable, limited on time and it felt more stressful than relaxing.  Actually that was my entire day.  I am soo incredibly grateful to be back at my apartment (finally) after a longgg, yet productive, day.  This week may just be the death of me.

On a cheerier note, here are my two pieces from this morning.  The colors are off on the first one (these are photographs not scans) so it looks much better in person.  The “final” is due next Thursday and I will have them all scanned in by then so that you can see them all in their correct color glory.  I am also hoping to have a book/zine made by then (fingers crossed on that one).



I am loving the themes that are emerging in my pieces.  I went into this series with no intended concept other than images from Vogue, yet they all fit seamlessly together with my other work. (insert happy dance here)

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