The Creative Habit: Week 3.

This week I made a grand total of twelve collages.  Here are my favorites.

I’m finding I like words.  I like connecting words with unrelated imagery and forcing them to have a new meaning.  Most of the time I make the collages first and then go through my pile of collected words and find the text I want to accompany the piece.  Sometimes I pick based on content, other times by form.  Occasionally I’ll pick the words first, but I find those pieces to be the weakest.  Choosing the words first narrows my mind and limits what I can make.  When I work this way I can’t focus on the way the pieces look ascetically together because I am working too hard to make a statement.  By choosing the words last I find themes I would have never even thought of emerge, yet somehow they fit seamlessly into my existing body of work.

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