The Creative Habit: Collages 30&31.

I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of finals today, yet I somehow managed to find the time to make these two beauties.  I think that the first one may be my favorite thus far.  It speaks volumes to me about all of the ills of our self absorbed society of instant gratification.  I could write an entire essay about the feelings I have towards that subject, but I think that the collage sums it all up pretty nicely.

2 Replies to “The Creative Habit: Collages 30&31.”

  1. I totally agree that that first collage is a beautiful distillation of this entire series and the ideas you are exploring through these images. The statement is all about how we identify and perceive our purpose in life. It makes me think about the psychologist Erich Fromm’s “To Have or to Be?” I think you should definitely include this collage in your final selection. Maybe it could be the cover and title of your book/zine. Can’t wait to see them all together!

    1. Thank you, I know for sure it will be in my final selection. Originally I made it for my philosophy final as a very loose, modern representation of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. We could pick any medium to create a work and I thought I’ve been making all of these collages anyway, why not try to push one more conceptually.

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