Little Women: Update 3.

After posting about my fairly unproductive day I got a burst of creative energy.  I stayed up until two and managed to bind all four of my Little Women books as well as make the box they will all be displayed in.  Obviously I was too exhausted to post about it then, but I did take some pictures that I will share with you now.  Note: these are not the “final” images I’ll be posting.  I’ll do a much better job with documenting the finished piece and share that along with crit notes (this Thursday) on a later date.

I started by binding the four books.  I ran into a few hiccups with the first one but the rest went fairly smoothly.  I kept thinking it’ll be fine I’ll just leave it, and then realizing how many hours I’ve already put into this project and deciding a few extra minutes to fix something wouldn’t be a huge deal.  Here are a few images of the books, as well as their inside covers.

I had been debating how to keep the books together and finally decided to time them to getter with a bright in ribbon and them slide them into a box.  Here is an image of how they look outside of their box.

I was concerned with making a box for them to fit in, so I went and ate my last fruit snack.  As I was going to through the box away I realized that it was about the same size.  I tried sliding the books in and they fit perfectly, like they were made to live there!  I was so happy, it made my life a million times easier.  Instead of having to construct a box from scratch all I had to do was cover one.

And lastly here are a few images of the whole thing put together.  Like I said earlier there will be better quality pictures up soon!


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