The Creative Habit: Collages 36&37.

Whelp I am content with saying that I made my last collage for this project, not forever, not even for this series, but for this project.  Here are tonights two pieces.


The following images should help give you an idea of just how much work I was able to produce in a little over three short weeks.  In total when stacked they’re over an inch thick.  I am very impressed with myself and how many of these collages I am truly proud of.

I’ve also selected the final two collages to present for my critique on Thursday (let me assure you that that was most defiantly NOT an easy decision).  In the end, I felt that these two pretty well summarized my entire series.  The first is my favorite of them all and the second really showcases my immature slightly twisted sense of humor.

On top of all that, today I made a tiny mockup of the book I will also be bringing along to critique.  I will be finalizing the layouts, printing and binding it Wednesday.  This book will contain my thirteen favorite collages from this series thus far (in the following order).

Tomorrow I will scan in all thirty-seven (yes 37) collages and share so that you can get a sense of how they actually look in their correct-color glory.  I have a lot of loose ends to tie up with this project, but I am already so incredibly happy with the way it’s turning out.  Hopefully that keeps me motivated enough to do the rest of the work (don’t worry, I know that it will).  That and the fact that this semester only has THREE MORE DAYS!!

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