The Creative Habit: Final.

Here are the two pieces that I feel best represent this series and my creative habit as a whole.

This project was wonderful and came at the perfect time for me.  I had been wanted to collage for awhile, but lacked both the time and motivation throughout my day-to-day routine.  I was so happy that this was a final for a class.  It opened up a huge chunk of time for me and allowed me to begin experimenting with what has now become one of my favorite mediums to work in.  I learnt everything I know about collaging through this project (which I’ll admit isn’t a whole lot).  I feel much more qualified to do this kind of work and I think it lends itself really well to my interests as an artist.  I have always been critical of the mass media and collage has given me a way to poke fun at it in a sarcastic yet brutally honest way.  I love that.  I also love the meditative qualities I’ve found in cutting and pasting.  I lose track of time when I sit down to make a piece and often end up making four instead of just one.  It is a wonderful, healthy form of stress relief and one that I’ll keep doing probably forever.  I am so glad that I was given this chance to discover a new (now crucial) component to my artistic practice.  Thank you Design4Media, it’s been swell (but seriously, I am really going to miss this class)!

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