In Vogue 42.

I made this collage a few hours after Timeless Beauty but hadn’t had time to post it until now.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to collage the next few days (I have quite a few journals to make for Christmas presents) but hopefully I can find the time to sit down and make some pieces next week.  I’ll continue to share them with you as soon as I’m able.

2 Replies to “In Vogue 42.”

  1. I’m noticing a strong pattern of the eyes of the female figures being cropped or covered up. Is this something you’ve been doing intentionally?

    1. Originally (like the first 4 or 5) no, but then I made one with the eyes and realized that it wasn’t as strong. I think the eyes can tell us so much, so I enjoy keeping then covered to add a little mystery. I also think they distract from the rest of the collage because when we see a face we often get stuck just looking at that. It’s mostly an aesthetic thing though.

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