In Teen Vogue.

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!  I have been wanting to expand my collages and begin tackling another magazine.  I thought that Teen Vogue would be a great next step for me.  My thought was that it would be interesting to compare the types of ads in Vogue and Teen Vogue, the differences in content due to the different age of their readers.  I also thought that this would be a convenient jump because I used to subscribe to Teen Vogue and had a stack laying outside my bedroom at home.  I went to retrieve these magazines a few months ago to find that they were no longer there (my mom went on a huge cleaning frenzy).  The two of us looked absolutely everywhere and I had given up all hope of ever finding them, that is until yesterday.  For whatever reason I just couldn’t stop thinking about the collages I could make with them.  My mom had told me awhile ago that she knew she hadn’t thrown them away and it was driving me crazy that neither of us knew where they were.  Yesterday afternoon I set off on a mission to find them.  I looked everywhere in our upstairs rooms and then thought “Hey, I bet they’re in or storage/attic”.  I braved the freezing temperatures and headed into the room.  After a few minutes I spotted an ottoman I bought at GoodWill a few years back and I just knew.  I ran across the room, threw open the lid and struck gold.  There they were, thirteen Teen Vogues and a Vogue.  I cannot wait to begin going through them and see what I can come up with.  I’m am so happy about it all right now, it’s like a wonderful late little Christmas gift!

I know that this may seem a little over dramatic, but I promise you that this is how it went down.  I really wanted new material to collage and now that I finally have it I am fascinated by the possible pieces that will come from it.  The idea of creating new art possibly with different themes or messages excites me, especially after shooting my “Little Women ” series (here).  Right now I’m finding adolescence/young womanhood the most interesting.  I think this is a result of two things.  1) I can relate the most two it.  2) I believe it’s when most of our unrealistic societal standards are planted.  Hopefully by simply following the single guideline that all parts of the piece must come from Teen Vogue I can make some powerful/witty collages that allow these themes to emerge.

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