In Teen Vogue 1.

Collage number one, the start of a new series, both scary and exciting.  I spent about two hours this evening going through the thirteen Teen Vogues I recovered from our attic two days ago. I found so much material, so many great images and slogans.  I only made one piece tonight, but I have high hopes for the others that will follow.  I was shocked by the amount of nudity in these magazines and the fact that so many advertisements use the philosophy “sex sells” when marketing to teenagers.  I think that this fact will make my collages powerful.  I am really looking forward to paring young, “beautiful”, overly sexual, people with quotes and titles from advertisements and stories.  This series is going to be very similar to “In Vogue” (here) in many ways, but it’s also going to be different.  The models covering its pages are younger, the stories are geared around high school drama, and the ads are the things our society is trying to sell our teenagers.

Here’s the piece I put together tonight.

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