It’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here.  A lot of highly personal things have happened to me recently that have kept me away.  In the midst of all the extremely yucky stuff that was happening I had my first lollipop moment.  It happened last Saturday and I thought that I should probably write it down before I forget.

We watched this video in Design4Media last semester and I was sad because as cool as his story was, I couldn’t think of any great examples of this happening to me.  This past Saturday I shot a wedding (which considering all that was going on at that time, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do).  I was standing by the cake at the reception.  It was that awkward time for photographers between dinner being served and the actual events of the wedding happening.  I snapped candids here and there, but I’ve learned that most people do not enjoy getting their picture taken while they’re eating.  Out of the blue a little boy, no more than four, with bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes ran up to me, avoided eye contact, and set a single paper heart on the table beside me before running away.  As part of the table decorations, there were tiny paper hearts no bigger than an inch with the bride and grooms name.  A few minutes after this happened, the little boy dressed in blue and green flannel and khakis came running up to me again.  This time he reached out his hand and placed a whole handful of these little hearts into mine.  He still avoided eye contact, but was giggling this time as he ran away.  Less than a minute later his grandmother came walking up with him behind her and said “Do you mind if I take your picture, he has the biggest crush on you.  You’re his first ever crush.”  I told her that I didn’t mind and I knelt down on the floor beside him.  He didn’t make eye contact with me the entire time.  I looked over at him and couldn’t believe how big his smile was.  She took the picture quickly and then he ran away.  I couldn’t stop laughing, it was exactly the experience I needed to get me through that day – week.  I took the hearts he gave me and slipped them into a pocket inside of my camera bag so that I could be reminded of my lollipop moment whenever I’d see them.  That little boy really impacted my life.  It is a wonderful feeling when a small child sees something in you, because they don’t filter their thoughts, they are pure and they typically are drawn to good people.  His little crush was one of the best compliments I have ever received.

I keep thinking about that picture that she took.  There is know way he’ll remember this moment, but she will, and there is photographic proof.  I wonder if it will turn into a “memory”, if it will become one of those stories he hears so many times growing up that he invents how the scenario happens in his head.  I know I have plenty of “created memories” from stories I’ve heard of my childhood.  This is a little different though, this has a picture.  A picture that will probably show up at his graduation party, or maybe it will have no significance at all.  I really have no way of knowing how or if this will impact his life at all.  I do know that it impacted mine.  I will always have those hearts in my camera bag and when I see them I will always think of how a sweet little innocent boy helped to get me through one of the worst days of my life.

2 Replies to “Lollipops.”

  1. I am the little blonde hair boy grandmother. His name is Colton. He is turning 4 in a couple of weeks. He was upset we had to go…he didn’t get to dance with you…he didn’t know your name…and he didn’t get to say good-bye. He was mad at me. He kept calling you his girlfriend. I have never seen him blush and smile like that to any girl before. When you were on the dance floor taking pictures of the first dances, he kept wanted to go out and dance with you. But I explained to him you were doing a job, taking pictures. Now I wish I would have let him run up to you and dance. Your story touched my heart so much. I am going to share this with his mother and Colton. I will make sure you get the picture of you two and I hope some day, Colton will see you and put a big smile on your face. Thank you so much for sharing the story and how my grandson touched you that day. You can also find me on facebook, Terri Schoenberger.

    1. This is the sweetest thing. He truly brought a lot of joy to my life in our little interaction. I am honored that he wanted to dance with me, and I would have loved too if I wasn’t shooting. He is a sweet little boy and quite the heartbreaker.

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