Soldiers: Process.

I have not blogged in a really, REALLY long time.  This is not because I haven’t been busy (quite the opposite actually) it’s just that I’ve been involved with more “mental” work lately.  This semester has seemed to have gotten off to a really slow start and until recently (today) all of my projects have just been ideas floating around inside of my head and my sketchbook; I really haven’t had much to show/share.  All of that being said I’ve been working since three o’clock this afternoon on my latest series “Soldiers”.  It is the first of four projects for my Material Studies class (which I am LOVING).

I am transferring eight pictures of soldiers I found at an antique mall on forty-eight used bullet casings.  I’ve posted the original images below.  Only one of these pictures had any sort of writing on the back; it simply read “1945”.

As it turns out this is an extremely time consuming process (although I had kind of expected that).  I’m actually writing this as I let a layer of polyurethane dry.  The idea behind it all is thoughts I’ve been having about uniformity and intimate objects meant to be carried close, though I realize that this imagery contains very loaded subject manner.  What I mean by uniformity is that we all imagine relatively the same thing when we think “soldier”: a young, striking, man with a flattop in a uniform.  The reality is much different.  I like the comparison of the uniformity of the bullets with the uniformity of the soldier.  Although they are each slightly different, they appear to be the same.  As far as my thoughts on these being intimate pieces, each of the photographs I found were wallet sized.  I assume they were taken just before deployment, a memento for a mother or girlfriend to keep close and on them at all times.  These bullet casings are found in fields, laying on the ground, you pick them up and place them in your pocket.

Here are a few images of process, I will post the final piece once it is finished.

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