Sibling Rivalry: Process.

I’ve shot for and printed my images for my first digital imaging project.  Critique is on Thursday.

This piece is titled “Sibling Rivalry” and is a sort of self portrait.  My mother had four miscarriages, two before me and two after me.  I grew up knowing this but never really understanding.  It wasn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing to me, just a thing that was there.  I always felt a pressure to live up to all kinds of standards as “the one who made it”, not by my parents but more so by myself.  There were stereotypes of being an only child; though that is not how I saw, or see, myself.  I am a middle child, you just would never know that from the outside looking in.

This piece is about the gentle balance between life and death.  It is about fragility and fertility.  It is also about the womb, innocence and security.  Each of the darker images are pictures taken of black fabric through water.  My goal was that they give the viewer the sense of both looking at an ultrasound and something cosmic.  To me this is representative of both the smallest and the largest things we can see.  Both give off feelings of vast and endless – infinite – possibilities.

I have yet to add the final layer to this project.  On each image I will handwrite the baby’s due date.  Under the image of myself will be both my due date and my birth date.  I will share those images once they are finalized.

This first set of images is how the project is intended to be seen.  Each print is thirteen inches by thirteen inches, however, the actual photograph is only a four inch square.  Below those I’ve included the pictures slightly larger so you can really see and appreciate the details of each.

Below are the borderless images.

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