I have a ridiculous amount of work to be doing, and although I realize because of this I shouldn’t be blogging, I felt the need to take a break from it all and get my thoughts down.  I may be in a writing mood from the eight page paper I just finished on modernism, feminism and poetry for American Lit, or I’m going crazy.  Probably the second one.  I thought that it would help to write a to do list to myself somewhere outside of my planner.  This weeks spaces are soo filled that I can no longer even make out what it is they say.

Thursday – study power points for phycology – take quiz/scan in all images for material studies/prepare images for printing
Friday – study power points for phycology – take quiz/print images for material studies/photo meeting, 1/photo session, 4
Saturday – TAG photo show/get glass panels/get dried roses
Sunday – start and finish autobiographical box/work on Bartelt fliers/look into scheduling

Believe it or not, this is the paired down version (meaning it doesn’t include my work schedule and normal weekly meetings).  I do have a better handle on it all though, Sunday night I had no clue how I was going to make it to Thursday, now I have no clue how I’m gonna make it to Monday.  I will just keep on pushing forward and staying positive, it’s worked for me this far!  Anyways, I suppose I should stop procrastinating and start on something, I’m just not sure what yet..

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