Untitled (currently).

I am still thinking about the mass media – constantly.  I am thinking about the messages it sends our society, especially young women, and quite frankly it terrifies me.  Lately I’ve been considering the roles magazines have in prioritizing our lives in regards to the words they are constantly spewing at us.

I bought a Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour and Cosmo, cut out every time a specific word appeared and then collaged them all together.  This remains nameless for the time being and also unfinished.  The collaging of this project is only step one, although I am unsure of what exactly comes next.  I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting this weekend.  I want my collages to push at least one step further, to become something more than just cutting and pasting.

2 Replies to “Untitled (currently).”

  1. I stopped buying these types of magazines a long time ago but it doesn’t really matter because it’s everywhere, billboards, tumblr, facebook. We can’t seem to get away from what we don’t need but “should want”

    1. I agree completely. I don’t buy them to look at leisurely either but the messages are still there. You can’t help but read their headlines when you check out at practically every store. It just makes me sad that these are the lies we are instilling in our youth.

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