Paper Bags.

I feel as if this project has been nothing but setback after set back.  It started out with the Want, Money, Beauty, Sex, Love collages that were going to be anthotypes.  That didn’t work out.  So now I’ve made a whole new batch of collages that I’m in the process of transferring onto brown paper bags.  That’s as detailed as I’ll get for now, but I will share the final result once it’s completed.  I’m the “collage girl” so when we were assigned a collage project in Digital Imaging, I didn’t want to do what’s come to be expected of me; I felt as if that would be taking the easy way out.  This has been a problem though because I’ve gotten so inside of my own head that I’m continually doubting my ideas.  I am hoping that the new track I’m on (plan c) will be a success and will result in something I can bring to critique and be proud of.

Here’s the images I’m transferring..

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