Still Untitled.

I started this semester off strong, in terms of work I was producing.  The middle was really rocky though.  I never even shared that work on here because I was NOT proud of it.  I am learning to accept that this is how art making goes (which is hard because I am an insane perfectionist/control freak) – you produce a lot of really crappy pieces to eventually get to the gold.  I have finally struck this so called gold.

A few weeks back I had posted my first ever salt print.  I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the process and so I’ve decided to pursue this primitive contact printing method further for my Material Studies final.  For about four hours yesterday I had the entire darkroom to myself (happy dance), and with a little guidance from my professor at first, I made thirty-two salted paper prints.  Let me go back to this past weekend.  The weather was absolutely GLORIOUS; I bought some pine and wood-stain and with a little assistance from my wonderful parents, I cut, sanded and stained all thirty-six pieces required to make four separate shadowboxes.  These shadowboxes will display the final images for this project (still untitled).

A lot of personal family things have been happening all at once it seems.  These events have left me longing to cling onto my two grandmothers, the only grandparents that I have left.  I’ve been thinking about how we are giving these people who love us unconditionally for only our youth, sometimes early adulthood if we’re lucky.  It doesn’t seem fair that as soon as we are old enough to appreciate them and want even deeper relationships with them they are ripped away.  All of these thoughts have been greatly impacting my work as of lately.  I am constructing four shadowboxes.  Each will contain four wooden 4×5 panels (each panel represents five years of my life – 5, 10, 15, 20).  For every five years each of my grandparents have been in my life their graduation picture will appear.  I choose graduation pictures because they are only a year younger than I am now (19) in them.  With each additional picture, we zoom in and a layer of encaustic is added.  As the viewer gets a more detailed look at the portrait, they are blocked off by layers of wax.  I will be doing the encaustic tomorrow afternoon.

Here are some work in progress shots of this piece.


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