As I prepare to head into the summer months (believe me when I say there is still a mountain of work standing in my way), I am beginning a new series of collages – Throwaways.  Throughout my semester my love of appropriation has continued to grow.  I feel like I am drowning in our image-saturated society.  Why add to the trash heap when you can pull from it instead?  I have been looking at the work of Richard Prince, his Cowboys in-particular.  I think that this series is really smart.  He took cigarette ads and cropped into them so that they became portraits of cowboys.  Prince stripped the images of their products transforming them from advertisements into fine art.


In Throwaways I am taking the inserted pamphlets found within the pages of my vast collection of fashion magazines and ripping out the staples.  By opening them up I am dismissing their original purpose and creating a new set of diptychs.  They are no longer about the product but now about the image.  I am then adding a bit of text to place my hand further into the work.  My hope is that by removing a specific brand from a series of images it will allow the viewer to see just how ridiculous the mass media is.  The title takes you back to the product being sold.



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