Lilacs and Milk.

Once again I’m thinking about issues of fertility/wondering if I’ll be able to have children.  I know that these are worries that can be saved for a later date, but they are always at the back of my mind.  I’ve been toying with the idea of soaking prints in milk and letting the liquid corrode the picture.  Up until this morning, I was unsure of what these photographs should be of; I knew I wanted the images to be simple and more still-lifeesque, but nothing seemed quite right.  Today as I was getting ready to throw away some lilacs I had clipped early last week I realized that they were my subject.  I set up a basic scene with mat board as my backdrop and a mixture of natural and artificial lights.  The resulting images are both simple and beautiful; I am hoping that the combination of flowers and milk produces powerful, thought-provoking images.  Let the experimentation begin!

Here they are in color.  I plan on narrowing it down to five images and then making them black and white.

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