This summer has been crazy, fantastic and full of thought. An incredible amount of thought on both art and my surroundings. I feel as if this is truly the first time I have allowed myself (or even known how) to think like an artist. This being said I have only been producing a minimal amount of actual physical work, but the work I am making is turning into a body I am very proud to call my own. Each of my initial ideas have had the time they need to develop fully into realized pieces. You may remember my prints of lilacs soaked in milk from earlier this summer; currently I am soaking the same images (different prints) in a sort of egg concoction. The themes of fertility/a lack of control of our own body and bodily functions is still present and the sense of chance is strong. I am now just waiting to see how the mixture reacts with my images. Planning of a way to display this piece has already begun and they will be on display in a gallery on campus this Fall.

On a side note I have been doing much adventuring this summer and hope to devote a blog post to those images soon.

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