Milk and Eggs.

This past week has been an incredibly productive one for me in terms of art making. I have put in countless hours (with the wonderful assistance/company of my mother) working on the presentation for my prints soaked in milk and eggs. Although the project is not quite finished and the pieces have yet to be named, I have come leaps and bounds and am incredibly proud of the direction it’s all headed. I handmade eight frames and two small boxes. They are still wrapped and sealed away from transporting them this afternoon so I have no images of the prints in their frames, but I am very pleased with how they look. In fact, besides a title, nearly everything for this project is complete. All I need is the contents of the first small box. I am stumped as to what to include for the box that accompanies the milk prints. It needs to be something that once contained milk (and shows signs of that) but is now emptied. This symbolizes that it’s nurturing purpose has been fulfilled and the life it sustained has moved on. I want whatever it is to be very natural/organic as to fit into the aesthetic look of the piece. Literally the only thing I can think of is boobs. I cannot make my mind go anywhere else. Everyday this past week I’ve brainstormed in circles, I’ve wondered through the woods, fields and countless thrift stores and I’m at a loss. I have about a month to realize what needs to be housed in this first box, but I hate to wait until the last possible moment. I just keep telling myself that I’ll know it when I see it.

The second box is now home to a birds nest. It is organic and beautifully made with traces of burlap, cigarette butts and twigs. The nest symbolizes a shelter, something strong that protected something fragile only to be abandoned and left behind. It looks the same as when it was occupied, but now it is empty. The nest was designed for one purpose which it successfully fulfilled.

Lots of thoughts went through my mind as I was working this past week, the most intriguing being this: the egg is the life; the milk is how the life is sustained. I think that this is a very deep yet primal relationship. We instinctively know how to drink milk; likewise, a pregnant woman’s body instinctively knows how to make it. Once that little egg is fertilized, it sets off a series of events within the female body that we have absolutely no control over. It also occurred to me that there is some sort of order to these objects: nest (womb), egg, baby, milk. I am beginning to think that this order will play into my final decisions for box one.

Here are some images of he second box with birds nest.

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