Making Babies.

My absence has not been due to a lack of productivity on my end, but in fact quite the opposite.  I feel as if there has been so much on my plate that I don’t even know how to begin to share any of it.  I will be spending much of my time in the darkroom this semester and hope to scan many of the prints so that you all may see.  Right now, however, I plan on shining some light on a new and exciting endeavor: silkscreening.

Printmaking has always been fascinating to me and I had realized towards the end of last semester that I was quite capable of doing it myself.  The days of mere admiration are over and I have set out on the adventure of learning this craft.  It has been a steep learning curve, but after three days of basically living in the printmaking lab I am feeling much more comfortable.  I still have a longggg ways to go, but I am excited to learn and I am falling in love with both the medium and my first project.

Though the edition I am currently working on has yet to be named, it deals a lot with the themes I have been recently drawn to.  I didn’t start off with a super strong concept, but instead an idea for what I thought would be a strong image.  Working this way has left the piece more open ended and allowed me to think a great deal about it’s meaning as I’ve been printing (I’ve only completed three of six colors).


1) SIlkscreening a fetus takes a lot more time than creating an actual one.  This is really interesting me; the idea that life can be created so carelessly (often), casually and quickly.  Here I am trying my best to make the image of a baby, using a process that requires me to be careful, meticulous and patient.  It is a jarring contrast.

2) Placing these babies on a photograph of my own stomach I am immediately transported back to playing house as a child.  I don’t know a single female who didn’t put a pillow (or some other object) under her dress and pretend she was pregnant.  As a little girl, though you don’t understand how it works, you just look at your belly and know that someday there will be a little life inside of it.

3) This is yet another project that leaves me thinking of fertility and questioning my own.  I can print a baby on my stomach, but will I be able to ever have one in there for real?  

4 Replies to “Making Babies.”

  1. Ah screen printing! I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to print when I was in school. In liithography, I did robots! ha ha! I am so not artsy! Looks like you are having fun with your fetus print! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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