This morning I woke up, looked across the room at my clothes hamper, and felt the need to nest.  I gathered the cloth from the basket and created a space in which I could lay.  Then I snapped a picture.  Something about the action of gathering materials from my surroundings, creating a temporary sculpture, placing myself within it for protection, capturing it and finally dismantling it was very therapeutic.  This process was meditative for me, it allowed me to find a new way to exist within a space I frequent.

I plan on continuing this series, my goal to make at least one new nest a week.  The photograph serves merely as a record.  I don’t plan on wearing the same outfit or waiting for the perfect light.  These nests are spontaneous, as I wonder and see a spot (or object) that speaks to me, I will stop, no matter where I am or how I’m dressed.  Maybe something will come from these images, but for now that is not their intent; for now I am exploring my new found fascination with nests.

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