Nest IV, V.

Yesterday during my personal vision class I read my working artist statement to my professor and told him about my nests.  My statement briefly mentioned how my religious beliefs affect my work.  He asked me if I was more interested in the ritual aspect of religion or the spirituality.  I had never thought about this before but ended up telling him that personally I am interested in the spiritual, but I thought that my art reflected the ritualistic.  That’s when he changed my perspective on these nests.  He told me that I liked them because it was a ritualistic activity: essentially the same process each time, but I also liked them because of the “spiritual” experience I had while creating them.  The wandering and the spontaneity of each nest is spiritual, the actual practice of making them is ritual.  It never occurred to me that even though I wouldn’t consider this new creative habit to be centered around religion, the ideas are still evident in the work.  This was a huge eyeopener in terms of who I am as an artist and what it is that interests me.  I am now seeing that this spiritual vs. ritual nature plays out in most all of my art.


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  1. My nest is my man cave office! Filled with my toys. 🙂

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