You Were Born To Have.

Flashback to Fall Semester sophomore year; I was in a serious collaging phase and I made this.

From the get go I loved this collage, but it was never in its final form.  During the time I was still collaging it was suggested to me that I take a silkscreening class.  I signed up for one this semester and the learning curve has been a bit challenging.  Now I have two projects under my belt and feel as if I have a better handle on what going on.  I finished pulling the image above this morning and I now know that it was meant to be a screen print.  The pieces were once printed for Vogue, I took them apart and them reassembled them, now they have been printed one last time.  In a way this image has come full circle.

Even more exciting than all of this – now that I’m more comfortable with the process I plan on pushing it into my usual conceptual realm for the next few projects.  I’m thinking honey and mulberries on fabric for project three (more info to come).

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