Pulling Grease.

I spent yesterday morning pulling grease – an incredibly messy, extremely rewarding process.  I discovered a way to turn it a soft peach color solely by mixing different types of grease together (I feel as if it is important to keep the substance pure due to the conceptual/material nature of this project).  I have fallen in love with the texture/smell of this medium – the way its odor instantly transports me to my childhood.  My connection to this grease is strongly related to a past/present spent in the garage/junkyard with my father.  I like the idea of a material that I am able to make look soft and feminine yet contains such a potent masculine scent; there is something unexpected and jarring about that juxtaposition.  I plan to experiment with this relationship in other ways and am excited to see how else I can manipulate it in future endeavors.

I made seventeen shop rags in total.  They are currently in the mail headed to my father who has been given strict instructions to use them instead of his normal shop rags for one week.  We’ll see what happens from there.

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