At one point I had mentioned that I was pulling grease through my silkscreen (here).  Things have been progressing beautifully since that post.

I started out with 17 white 12×12 square shop rags I cut from cotton t-shirts.  I then printed a photograph of my father holding me when I was an infant in his 55 chevy.  I was able to mix together several different kinds of grease to make a pink/peachy flesh tone.

I wrapped all 17 rags up nicely and sent them in the mail to my father, kindly asking him to use them instead of his normal shop rags in the following weeks.  He did.  I also asked my mother if she would document the process.  She did.

He brought all 17 rags back to me today; I just unwrapped them and cried.  They are disgusting, they smell horrendous yet they are so so so incredibly beautiful.  Each has been destroyed in a completely different way.  Some are rust colored, others are black, gray, brown, a mixture of all the above.  His blood is on one.  Some have thick spots of grease and other varieties of engine crud that are just begging to be touched.  I will share some images of the rags in their current state soon before I begin to embroider on top of them.

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