Labor Days (Week 2 – Smith Family Reunion).

Listening to CCR, editing pictures from my family reunion and dreaming of running barefoot through a meadow.  A Sunday night typical of any twenty year old, right?

These images are creating a magnified longing for summer deep within my soul right now.  Not that that’s particularly hard to do as I’m always craving watermelon and any opportunity I can get to kick off my shoes.  There is just something about the Smith Family Reunion that churns up a very strong sense of nostalgia.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are from the Labor Days of my youth (that’s when it falls, every single year).  I still feel like a five year old when I go, even though there are plenty of “new” five year olds who have stepped into that place.  I will always be the little kid playing house, playing bingo, playing on Oscar (the weird Muppet looking metal climbing thing that lived by the bathrooms).  The playground used to be huge, now it’s far from impressive; still I will climb to the top of it each and every September pretending for a few short moments that I am still a little kid.  Labor day is for family, freedom, baseball and homemade chicken noodle soup.  It’s for enjoying every last bit of summer that surrounds you while it’s still there: the last swim, the last inning and the last really good watermelon of the season.


Week 2 – Smith Family Reunion, Bucyrus, OH

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