Grass Grew Tall – (Week 5 – Griggs)

In what was perhaps the most relaxing day of last semester I went exploring at Griggs Nature Preserve.  Late summer sun flooded through my open window waking me up early on a Wednesday.  Throwing on a sundress (it was still quite warm) and grabbing my camera, I decided on a morning of adventure.  Stumbling upon this hidden gem nestled along the Olentangy River, I was elated.  The light was soft and warm, kissing my neck as I slipped off my shoes and walked towards the bank.  There I sat, legs crossed in the sand, for hours, getting up to take pictures, sitting back down to record my thoughts.  A small homemade fire pit, where I assumed some high schoolers came on the weekends to drink, lay waiting to be lit a few feet away.  Around it grass grew tall and wild intermixed with the seasons last blooms.  Light danced along the water, peaking my interest and drawing my eye to whatever it hit.

I was in Eden.

This is what I hope Heaven to be.


Week 5 – Griggs Nature Perserve, Columbus, OH

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