Other People Think I’m Okay.

Here is the first batch of a series of portraits I shot at a dance studio this past weekend.  I’m presenting them to you from youngest to oldest.  Each girl was asked to pose herself.


Dance makes my life better because it has taught me to be myself.


I dance because sometimes it’s easier than words.  It’s almost like an escape into my own world.


Some people think I am horrible, other people think I am okay, but I am more confident, I have made some really good friends, and I am now more fit.

It is my observation that these portraits capture how quickly young ladies “grow up” between the ages of eleven and thirteen. A girl who is confident in herself and her body.  A girl who, when posed doing something she excels at, is confident.  And a girl whose body language is being copied from someone else somewhere else: a faked sense of confidence.  We are forced to grow up so quickly as young females.  It is astonishing how within a few short years we go from loving ourselves, to caring mainly about how others view us.  Our self-confidence plummets and we begin to copy our “role models”.  Too often we’re looking at the women that grace the front of magazines and our TV sets.  We want their lives, their bodies, their confidence.  Nobody is telling us that it’s fake, nobody is telling us that it’s unrealistic and not nearly enough people are telling us that we are way better off just being ourselves.

On a more technical side note, I shot with my Diana Mini for the first time and am quite pleased with what resulted from my lack of control.  Maybe this is important to my subject matter; I’ve yet to decide.

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