Attractive Yet Overstimulating.

This documentary will become a book, and as overwhelming of a task as that seems currently, I know it will be well worth it in the end.  With this in mind I had decided to scan in some of my dresses creating repetitive patterns for use inside of my covers and throughout the books pages to break up my imagery and create a bit more cohesion.  I have fallen in love with the textures that the flatbed scanner was able to capture of the individual fabrics (better seen at a larger scale).  These textures, paired alongside their bright pops of color, have greatly strengthened this body of work.  By using articles of clothing that I wear regularly I have created yet another highly personal level of self representation in this “girl culture” that I am trying so desperately to both define and capture.  They are incredibly over saturated (not digitally altered) which is highly reflective of the way media grabs our attention: bold and punchy, attractive yet overstimulating.


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  1. this is one of my favorite posts about your project so far – and there is so much coded in these textiles, even. you are so right on.

    1. Thank you so much, I love hearing from people following my work. And I am in agreement, there is defiantly something special happening within the patterning.

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