Five Thirteen South Sycamore Avenue.

When I was four years old I looked up at my father and said, “Sycamore Ohio is Heaven on Earth.”

I think that we all have a desire to go back and record where we come from.  This is something I’ve always done in a more abstract way, however, the older I get and the further I’m removed from my childhood home the more I’m compelled to record it as is – straight photography.

A childhood home is unique in that it contains every age of you.  That house holds memories before, during and after your stay.  A place that acts as a physical timeline, one that (in my case) existed before you and will often continue on long after you’re gone.

I began shooting at Five Thirteen South Sycamore Avenue earlier this semester and fully intend on exploring the house that built me much more in depth over the summer.

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