I Clung to a Pinhole.

In honor of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day this past Sunday, I’ve decided to reveal something I’ve been thinking of/working on for quite sometime.

The question of how to photograph somebody who’s not there/an event that never actual happened has come up several times this semester as I’ve thought about my work.  More and more, the older I get, I am realizing that I am becoming highly aware of missing relationships – mainly siblings.  There seems to be a place in my life for them to exist, but they are simply not there.

I began to tackle these feelings a little over a year ago with my photo series Sibling Rivalry and although I believe that those images are successful at showing this absence in their own right, a newer element seemed to be missing.  There needed to be a way to show my interaction with the nonexistent.  It occurred to me that I was on the right track with using a physical movement to make my imagery (splashing in the water), the idea just needed to be further pushed.  I began to question how I could become a bigger part in capturing the image.  During a moment of clarity, I realized that I needed to view this process as making a record, not a photograph.  After much thought, I decided to record my breath.  This was achieved as I clung to a pinhole, pointed it at life and breathed.  Each exposure is four breaths long representative of the four siblings I never got to meet.

Four Breaths is a work in progress, but I believe it has a lot of potential to be a very powerful series.

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