I’m Excited Now.

Here I sit just outside of Ballyvaughn in County Clare Ireland, day two of my Irish adventure.  I’ve decided to share with you excerpts from my personal journal; not all, just the good bits. 5-15 10:30AM

“Today’s the day; I felt like it was important to record my anxiety so that I can look back someday and laugh at how fearful I was of my first flight.  I’ve yet to eat anything today, I know that it won’t stay in me long…One of two things is about to happen; the world’s about to get a lot bigger or a lot smaller; I’m excited to see which.”

5-15 12:11PM

“I think I’m excited now.”

5-15 2:40PM

“All I keep thinking about is romcoms where the guy runs through the airport to get the girl.  This place isn’t very romantic, also there is no way they’d let him through security.”

5-16 3:12PM

“It’s only ten o’clock in America and all I want to do is sleep.  They dumped us off here with no food, handed us reflective vests and sent us on our way…Jet lag is real and it is not my friend.”

5-17 9:34AM

“I slept for ten hours; I could have slept more.  Last night as I was laying on the couch dwelling in my jet lag I decided to take a walk.  I was not about to waste the beautiful sunlight dancing on the Irish limestone.  I got up, grabbed a neon reflective vest and set out to explore.  Not five minutes into my endeavor a small black and white I sort of looking mutt ran to my feet and befriended me.  He lead my way to see cows and sheep.  I followed him up to the college and he followed me back.  In total we probably spent two hours of our lives together.  I named him Brian, after our bus driver, because he was also a lovely tour guide.”

5-17 5:47PM

“I highly underestimated exactly how cold and windy it would be here.  I also did not pack enough clothing – shocking I know.”

Photos to come.

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