Deceivingly Simple.

Every second of everyday in every class seems to be filled with people asking me what I am doing/where do I want to be next.  They don’t mean with my life, they mean with my career (although as an artist the line between art and career is often blurred).  I have become quite aware of what is and what is not an acceptable answer to these (among other) questions.  In my arsenal is my business plan that I am willing to spit out when asked, but I also have what it is I truly want screaming for my attention.  I have artistic goals, but I also have dreams and aspirations for a specific lifestyle.  It crossed my mind that perhaps I wasn’t the only senior in college who felt this way and so I began that conversation with a few of my closest friends.  I ended up taking their portraits with a pinhole camera and asked them to answer the deceivingly simple question, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ with a disregard to career.  Shocking, or maybe not, our answers were quite similar. This lead me to wonder why we are all so afraid to admit to our teachers and peers our desire to be moms?  Why can’t that fit in the career plan too?  In all honesty the Sally Mann lifestyle is my ultimate aspiration: wilderness, children and an 8×10 camera.

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