Fall of 2014 I was in Photo III (what was then CCAD’s all film class).  Among other things, I learned how to shoot a 4×5, making infinitely more failures than successes.  I left that experience completely frustrated, unsatisfied and ready for other things.  Three semesters later, I came across my negatives, negatives that I had never scanned in.  After sifting through a couple dozen sheets, I found five that I thought were worthy of being scanned.  After scanning those five in, only two were worth editing.  My success rate may have been incredibly low, but those two portraits of my dearest friend are among the most beautiful images I have ever made.  They have prompted me to pick up where I left off and build a portfolio of 4×5 portraits.  Today I bought a twenty-five pack of film for thirty-five dollars, tomorrow I’m lugging the 4×5 into the studio to photograph the beautiful Miss Alexis, and so continuing my tradition of picking the most time-consuming, expensive, bulky, breathtaking and rewarding way of working.

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