Royals II.

This project has grown into something far greater than I had ever imagined. I am thankful to all of you who have jumped aboard and I am incredibly humbled by all of your kind words and loving support. If I had any doubts when I began this endeavor, they have now completely evaporated. The response to my original post (read it here) proved to me that this is exactly the body of work I need to be making.

Tonight I met three wonderful ladies in the photo studio. All were from different Ohio counties, queens of different things, but royalty none the less. The thing about fair royalty is that it’s not your prom queen popularity contest; a lot of hard work goes into winning a crown. Although the competition varies from county to county, to be crowned is no small feat, it is something to be very proud of, typically involving: essays, community service, interviews, speeches, fishbowl questions, a firm handshake and an award winning smile. It has been my honor to meet these individuals, to be one of them.

These are tonight’s pre-cyanotype portraits:


1996 Poultry Princess
Muskingum County


1999 Jr. Fair Queen
Warren County
2000 Ohio Fairs’ Queen


2009 Jr. Fair Queen
2010 Beef Queen
Tuscarawas County
2011 Ohio Beef Queen

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